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FAQs - Explosion Proof

What is explosion proof standard?

An enclosure must be able to contain any explosion that starts inside of it and keep sparks from that explosion from igniting vapours, fumes, dust, or fibres in the air around it in order to qualify for the explosion proof certification.

Do you get LED light fixtures that are explosion proof?

How do explosion-proof enclosures function?

Electrical components such as plugs, buttons, sockets, switches, controllers, etc. are housed in boxes or cabinets known as explosion safe enclosures. They aid in preventing internal explosions from entering the surrounding air, which might otherwise endanger people and property.

What makes a light explosion proof?

Explosion-proof lights must normally be constructed from sturdy, non-sparking material, have a very thick glass globe covering the bulb, and have other safeguards to guarantee the worker's and the surrounding area's safety in the event that an ignition occurs inside the light.

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