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FAQs - Industrial Control & Automation

What is industrial automation and control?

The phrase "industrial control system" (ICS) refers to a variety of control systems and related instrumentation, including the equipment, networks, systems, and controls required to operate and/or automate industrial processes.

What is a variable speed drive?

A variable speed drive's (VSD) primary job is to regulate how much energy is sent from the mains to the process. Drives with variable speeds are located between the power source and the motor. A drive receives electricity from the electrical source, and the drive then controls the amount of power delivered to the motor.

What is motor protection and its importance?

The purpose of motor protection is to guard against internal motor defects and other forms of harm. Additionally, external conditions must be monitored during use or when connecting to the electrical grid so that disruptions can be avoided. For the various motors, protection equipment like circuit breakers and fuses are used. Workers, the motor's control system, the components in its branch circuits, and the motor itself can all be protected from high currents via overcurrent protection.

What are switch disconnectors used for?

A disconnector, disconnect switch, or isolator switch is employed to guarantee that an electrical circuit is totally de-energized for maintenance or service.

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